A few facts about DYO

  • DYO was started in the early 1970s by a group of local music teachers
  • Several of our players are also members of NCO and LSSO
  • A number have gone onto NYOGB – 26+ at the last count
  • Barbara Dalton was Musical Director of DYO for 36 years, retiring in 2015
  • An ex-member was commisioned to write the music for the 2012 Olympics
  • One of the 2010 BBC Young Musician Strings finalists, one of the 2012 Brass finalists and one of the 2022 Woodwind finalists were DYO members

There are ex-DYO participants currently working with the

  • Philharmonia
  • London Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Royal Opera House
  • Berlin Philharmonic
  • Ex Cathedra
  • BBC Singers
  • Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra
  • BBC Concert Orchestra
  • BBC Welsh
  • Tallis Scholars
  • Truro Cathedral Choir
  • Liverpool Philharmonic
  • European Union Youth Orchestra
  • Britten Pears Orchestra
  • On the international conducting circuit
  • BBC Symphony Orchestra
  • English National Opera
  • Birmingham Ballet
  • City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra
DYO Summer 2022

DYO Summer 2022

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